The 4 Hour Book Membership Site has both free and paid information that helps to cut hours off of time during the organizing, writing, and publishing phases of your book.

The site contains explanations, software, book templates, tutorial videos and other information that explain the various phases of writing and publishing a book.

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Note that the first time you go to the forum, you can make the changes to the Displayed Name field right away.  If you close the window, you’ll have to go through the process shown in the video below.

This is a by product of the membership site software we’re using and I just discovered it. Sorry about this.  I’m looking for a better membership site software package that will give me more flexibility along this line.

Watch it full-screen by clicking the little icon at the lower right of the video after it starts. (See the moving red Arrow)

When done, hit the Esc key on your keyboard..

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