List Building Secrets Video Course

This great video course was released in March 2011.  Learn and implement this stuff and you will have a huge list of people targeted to buy your stuff. (Note that you CAN NOT give away access to this material. I only allow Premium Members to view the videos. — Thanks, Ron)

There are 17 video lessons + powerpoints that cover:

  1. Introduction to List Building
  2. List Building Checklist
  3. Squeeze Page Setup
  4. Your Special Offer
  5. Follow up
  6. Ad Swaps & Solo Ads
  7. Giveaway Events
  8. Product Launches
  9. Online Forums
  10. Blogging
  11. Exit Popups
  12. Article videos
  13. Viral Reports
  14. Safe Lists
  15. Broadcasts
  16. Getting Your emails Read by Recipients
  17. Rinse & Repeat

If you don’t have a big list, you should watch these videos.  Pick and choose or go through all of them.


Video 1: Introduction to List Building
This first video is an introduction to list building and sets the stage for all of the other videos.

Here’s a link to the introductory video for building a profitable list of buyers:

[S3VIDEO file=’list-building/1-list-build-intro.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Lesson 1‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

Video 2: List Building Checklist
This video describes the essential checklist to create a profitable list of buyers.

  • Basic list building checklist
  • The ethical bribe (your free giveaway)
  • Creating the ethical bribe
    • Private Label Rights
    • Audio Interviews
    • e-newsletter
    • Creating your own content
  • Squeeze page structure

[S3VIDEO file=’list-building/2-list-build-checklist.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Lesson 2‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

Video 3: Learn how to set up effective squeeze pages. (Two videos in this section)

  • Learn how to set up a squeeze page
  • Picking a domain name
  • Picking a hosting service (I recommend HostMonster)
  • Learn how to set up autoresponders (Aweber)
  • Free irresistible offer
  • HTML editor
  • ftp Program

Play BOTH Videos

[S3VIDEO file=’list-building/3a-part1-squeeze-page-setup.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Lesson 3 Part 1‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

[S3VIDEO file=’list-building/3b-part2-squeeze-page-setup.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Lesson 3 Part 2‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

Video 4: Special Offers – Maximum Profits and Technical Setup (Two videos in this section)

  • Monitization after the initial opt-in
  • Special offers directly after the sale
  • Physical mailing (postcards about special deals)
  • Telephone follow-ups (30 min phone consultation)
  • Follow-up emails
  • Thank you and download pages
  • Webinars and Teleseminars

Play BOTH Videos

[S3VIDEO file=’list-building/4a-part1-special-offer.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Lesson 4 Part 1‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

[S3VIDEO file=’list-building/4b-part2-special-offer.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Lesson 4 Part 2‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

Video 5: Follow-up Fortunes

  • Setting up an effective follow-up email sequence to build up good will relationships & ensure more profits
  • Don’t leave money on the table
  • Follow-up emails and broadcasts
  • Trust + Relationships = Money
  • Where to start?  How many follow-up emails
  • Follow-up focus
  • 3 attributes of a good follow-up series
  • Swipe files and folders
  • Example emails (7 email sequence)
  • WordPress Blog

[S3VIDEO file=’list-building/5-follow-up-fortunes.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Lesson 5‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

More videos coming… just have to download them and write some short descriptions.