Various book and Bonsai templates can be found Free Sample Book Templateon this page.  If you’d like a FREE 5.5″ x 8.5″ book template (shown to the right), please enter your name and email address to the right and we’ll send it to you along with other great author’s resources and information.

We’ve had authors quickly use this template with its automated Table of Contents to create their first book. (They told us we should charge for this, but we want you to get an idea of the quaility of this website’s content without having to spend any money.)

In the Premium Area, I’ve included templates for those who want to create more traditional books as well as books with a more sophisticated layout. (As a Premium Member you’ll have access to ALL of them.)

Premium Book Templates

These templates can be used to enhance your book layout either in page size or enhanced formatting.  The only enhanced layout at this time is the alternate 5.5 x 8.5 layout.  The other templates are very simple.  Stay tuned for more as requests come in.


Basic Book Template

This template is the standard 5.5″ x 8.5″ template which will work fine for a book that can be written and submitted for publishing within a day. It has the following characteristics:

  • 5.5″ by 8.5″
  • 12 point Times Roman Font
  • 1.25 multiple line spacing
  • 1″ margins on both sides
  • 8 to 10 words per line
  • 20 to 25 lines per page
  • 125 to 175 words per page

[S3FILE file=’docs/4HourBookSimpleTemplate.doc’ anchor=’Click to Download The 4 Hour Book Simple 5.5×8.5 Book Template (MS Word)‘]

[S3FILE file=’docs/RonsAlternatingPageBookTemplate5.5×8.5.doc’ anchor=’Click to Download The 4 Hour Book Alternating Page 5.5×8.5 Book Template (MS Word)‘]

[S3FILE file=’docs/SimpleKindleEbookTemplate.doc’ anchor=’Click to Download Simple Kindle Ebook Template (MS Word)‘]

[S3FILE file=’docs/SimpleEbookTemplate.doc’ anchor=’Click to Download SimpleEbook Template (MS Word)‘]

[S3FILE file=’docs/Simple6x9BookTemplate.doc’ anchor=’Click to Download Simple 6×9 Book Template‘]

[S3FILE file=’docs/Simple7x10BookTemplate.doc’ anchor=’Click to Download Simple 7×10 Book Template‘]


Bonsai Organizer Templates

BONUS: 4 Hour Book Bonsai Organizing Template (2 Apr 11)

This Bonsai template includes the recommended 4 Hour Book chapter layout to help you quickly get up to speed with your book organization.

Download this template into your working folder and open by double clicking on it.

Note: Only works with Bonsai Outlining software (See the Helpful Products tab)

[wpmc-protected][S3FILE file=’docs/Bonsai4HourBookTemplate.otl’ anchor=’Click to Download the BONUS Bonsai 4 Hour Book Template‘][/wpmc-protected]

4 Hour Book Bonsai EXPORT Template (2 Apr 11)

Download the template into your Bonsai program folder and you’ll be able to use the 4HourBook export template described in my book.

To locate the Bonsai program folder using Windows 7:

  • Click start,
  • Search for Bonsai
  • RIGHT-click on Bonsai (the one with the orange logo)
  • Select “Open File Location”.

[wpmc-protected][S3FILE file=’docs/4HourBook.oxt’ anchor=’Click to Download the 4 Hour Book Bonsai EXPORT Template‘][/wpmc-protected]

Lots more to come…