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Welcome to the Video Tutorials Page!

This is the meat of the website.  On this page you have access to lots of videos that will show you how to turn your book manuscript into a published masterpiece!  Well… at least the mechanics of the process to do so.

If you’ve already read “The 4 Hour Book” then you’ll already know how to WRITE your book.  The main focus of this section is to walk you step-by-step through the publishing process.

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Rapid and Low-Cost Paperback Book Publishing

I created this video course to show you how to create your own paperback book that can be sold on as well as other publisher’s sites.  Of course, you can also buy the books at a huge discount and give them away as a calling card or sell them yourself for extra income.

I recorded this course in April of 2011.  Learn and implement this stuff and you can have your own book, in your own hands, within a week.

There are 10 video lessons + powerpoints that cover:

  1. Introduction to Publishing Your Paperback Book
  2. Converting your Word document to Publishable PDF
  3. Opening and setting up the free publishing account
  4. Pre-publishing preparation and organization
  5. Uploading your book to the site
  6. A mini-course on HTML to enhance your book’s description
  7. Entering details about you and your book to the site
  8. Overview of book covers
  9. Detailed example creation of a book cover (for free)
  10. Setting your book price and royalty options**
  11. Releasing your book for distribution via amazon, the publisher’s site, and your own methods**
  12. Final thoughts**

** I still have to record 10-12, but they’re coming soon!

Also included are sample documents that can be used as cut and paste models for the html descriptions and a list of the allowed html codes you can use. (Note: the blue links are videos and the green links are documents you can download.)

(You are not permitted to give away access to this material.  This is Premium Member content. — Thanks for being a member!)

[S3VIDEO file=’tutorials/Video1-Paperback-Book-Publishing-Overview.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Video #1 — Publishing Your Book As A Paperback – Overview‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

[S3VIDEO file=’tutorials/Video2-Paperback-Book-Publishing-Converting-to-PDF.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Video #2 — Converting Your Book (.doc) to PDF‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

If you’re feeling generous…

Please use this link to sign up for your Createspace account: –>

(It’s still free for you to signup, but they pay a little finder’s fee to me!) 🙂

[S3VIDEO file=’tutorials/Video3-Paperback-Book-Publishing-Setting-Up-a-Createspace-Account.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Video #3 — Setting up a Createspace Account‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

[S3VIDEO file=’tutorials/Video4a-Paperback-Book-Publishing-Preparing-to-Publish.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Video #4a — Preparing to Publish‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

[S3FILE file=’tutorials/sampleBookDescriptionWithHtmlFormatting.html’ anchor=’Sample Book Description with HTML Formatting (Right-Click Save As)‘]

[S3FILE file=’tutorials/sampleHTMLTags.txt’ anchor=’Sample Text File With Examples of How to Use HTML Tags (Right-Click Save As)‘]

The following html tags are allowed by Createspace for your book description

Optional HTML tags for Book Description
For description text color options, visit (Use in Moderation!)

[S3VIDEO file=’tutorials/Video4b-Paperback-Book-Publishing-Entering-Book-Details-Part1.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Video #4b — Entering Your Book Information to Createspace (Part 1)‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

[S3VIDEO file=’tutorials/Video4c-Paperback-Book-Publishing-Entering-Book-Details-Part2.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Video #4c — Entering Your Book Information to Createspace (Part 2)‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

[S3VIDEO file=’tutorials/Video5a-Paperback-Book-Publishing-Creating-A-Book-Cover-Overview.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Video #5a — Creating a Book Cover (Overview)‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

[S3VIDEO file=’tutorials/Video5b-Paperback-Book-Publishing-Creating-An-Example-Book-Cover.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play Video #5b — Creating an Example Book Cover‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

The free online pdf converter I demonstrate is at



How to Use Bonsai to Organize Your Thoughts

If you organize your thoughts before you write your manuscript for your book, you’ll save a LOT of time.  Hours, in fact!  I use Bonsai every day for pretty much any kind of organizing.  (See the Products page for more about that.)

NOTE: The video opens in a small window.  Click on the full-screen button in the lower right side of the window that opens up to see it full screen.

[S3VIDEO file=’tutorials/BonsaiInstallation4HourBook.mp4′ clicktoplay=’Click to Play The Bonsai Installation Tutorial‘ autoplay=’true’ bgimage=’’]

In this video, I’ll show you some of the most important features of Bonsai and how to use them to maximize your productivity during the organization phase of writing your book:

[wpmc-protected]Coming soon…[/wpmc-protected]

Publish Your Book For Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is all the rage and with the continued price reductions Amazon’s almost giving them away.  It’s kind of like giving the razor away for free and selling the blades.  Well, lucky for you your book can be a blade and that’s where the money is! Oh yeah… People will be able to find your book on and then buy and download your book to their Kindle — No marketing required by you!

In this video course, we’ll cover:

  • Preparing your book for Kindle publication
  • Creating your Kindle account
  • Uploading your book
  • Entering in the book details
  • Downloading a free Kindle viewer for your PC, Mac, iPhone, or other device
  • Verifying your book’s appearance
  • Royalties and Pricing strategy
  • Releasing it for publication
  • Amazon’s Author’s Page

[wpmc-protected]Coming soon![/wpmc-protected]LINESPACE

Publish Your Book For Barnes and Noble Nook

There’s a new reader on the block.  It’s called the Nook.  It’s from Barnes and Noble so you know they’ve thought it through.  And it has a beautiful full-color display.

Learn how to publish YOUR book for the Nook for free! It’s a little tricky since you first have to first convert [wpmc-protected]it to an epub format and then publish it at their site.   Watch the video and learn how this is done.

Coming soon!



Have You Heard About Mobi?

Have you ever heard of Mobi?   This is yet another reader.  So if you want maximum distribution of your book, you might as well publish to this e-book format too!


You will need to download a special free program to your computer that does the conversion for you.  There are a couple converters that I’m aware of: the Reader and the Professional Writer.

Actually, the reader will work, but there are some limitations that may cause you to use the more elaborate Professional Writer version.

Here are links to each of the two programs:

Free Mobi Reader (simple writer)  <– convert to link


Free Mobi Writer  <– convert to link